NBA 2K21 Apk Free Download For Android + iOS 2023

NBA 2K21 APK OBB is one of the best basketball games on the Internet. It is a game that simulates basketball just like reality and allows the user to experience the basketball game on your smartphone as if you are playing on the ground. It is a court game presented to basketball fans. NBA 2K21 mobile game has high definition and even realistic graphics which is developed by 2K Games developer of different games. The NBA 2K21 APK Android game is also available for all phone versions which including Android and iPhone with a direct link from our store for free.

NBA 2K21 Apk + OBB Free Download

NBA 2K21 is an abbreviation of the English name (National Basketball Association) and basketball is very widely spread in all countries of the world, specifically America and the United Kingdom, making it in the list of the best basketball games. A fun set of features that the game has, such as realistic graphics, gameplay and easy control, in addition to multiple game modes, such as the online mode, which allows you to play with real players from all over the world, and the offline mode, which does not require an Internet connection.

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NBA 2K21 Apk + OBB (Latest Version) Game Modes

Although the online mode is the most popular and fun in the game, there are more modes that you can try such as:

MyTeam mode, which enables you to create and build your own team by choosing your favorite players, choosing team uniforms, and start playing local and global challenges and leagues.

MyCareer mod : which allows you to be a coach for several teams and develop formations and tactics to work in the team spirit and be able to defeat many opponents and win different leagues and challenges.

NBA 2K21 Latest Version Gameplay

What distinguishes NBA 2K APK + OBB from other games is that it has buttons and an easy-to-use control method that suits all players, especially beginners. There is a special store for the game. By winning challenges and leagues, you will get rewards and unlimited money. You can buy many things in the store such as Uniforms, clothes and players. The gameplay is simple and fluid like shooting with great ease and dribbling naturally like the old versions.

download NBA 2k21 APK + obb Android offline
Game Name NBA 2K21 – 2K
Size 780 MB
Developed by 2K Games
Version v4.4.0
Category Sports game
Last Modified 14-07-2022
Price FREE

NBA 2k21 APK + obb Android offline Features

Multiple modes

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The game is characterized by the fact that it offers many modes that you can try, such as the team mode, which allows you, as we talked about, the possibility of creating and creating your own team, choosing your favorite players, choosing uniforms and clothes, and many other tools and advantages.

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Street Mode

This mode introduces a new feature of its kind in the world of basketball games, which comes with the feature of playing in the streets, which is the favorite mode for everyone, through which you will be able to compete with 3 players against 3 others with more free options available such as choosing the street and the number of the team by NBA 2K21 APK OBB Google drive.

HD graphics

The Nba2k21 APK game is characterized by being developed with an advanced engine and that made the graphics and graphics very realistic, which gives the player a more than wonderful and more accurate experience, and you will find that beauty in the shape and graphics of the stadiums, players, their shapes and features in addition to more things.

high sensitivity

This feature is overlooked by many players, as it gives you the ability to control the sensitivity of the game, the speed of passing and dribbling by using the buttons and adjusting the settings as you want.

Commentary and music

There is an English commentary in the NBA 2K21 OBB file download for Android, that enhances the gameplay and develops it in addition to the appropriate music in each event such as when you make a point over the other team you will hear a great sound. In addition, to the beautiful winning music.


The game allows players to play 5 vs 5 matches. Players can improve their skills and play as a single player.


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With this board, players will find new options and controls that can improve the gameplay.

NBA 2K21 Apk + OBB (Latest Version) mediafire

Note : You can find the direct download link for the game or application, at the top right of the screen with the button colored blue.

NBA 2K21 iPhone Mobile iOS

Download here

How to install NBA 2K21 Mobile on your phone, follow these steps:

NBA 2K21 is a basketball simulation video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It is the 22nd installment in the NBA 2K series and was released for various platforms such as PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC in September 2020.

The game features updated graphics, realistic player movements, and new game modes. Some of the features include MyCareer mode, where players create and control a custom player and guide them through their professional career, MyTeam mode, where players build and manage their own team, and Blacktop mode, where players can play streetball games. The game also includes updated rosters and new teams, as well as an updated soundtrack and commentary. Online features include matchmaking and leaderboards. The game also includes various microtransactions, allowing players to purchase virtual currency and various cosmetic items.

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