How to Increase PlayStation 4 Download Speed [8x faster]

Many users of Sony devices suffer from slow download speeds for games on their devices, despite the fact that Sony offers one of the most important and most famous gaming devices in the world, which competes with many companies such as Xbox, which is owned by Microsoft. However, Sony PlayStation users are slow to download games, so in this article we will provide you with several steps on how to get the game to download faster on ps4.

how to download a game faster on ps4

Sony devices are increasingly being used by millions of people from all over the world. There are many games on the Sony Store that have a size greater than 40 GB, which requires a fast download speed so that you can download and install them on the device in a short time.

We have reviewed and tried many ways to fix this problem and we will provide you with several ways to improve and increase the download speed on PlayStation devices, specifically the PS4. You have to try one method after another until you find the best method and solution for you.

how to get game to download faster on ps4

Method 1: Updates

It is the easiest step that you can do to make your game download faster on ps4.

Update to the latest firmware At first, you should try the easiest way, which is to turn on your device and go to the notification bar or panel. If you see an update for the device or the store, click on it and update the device or version that appears to you. If you don’t see any notification about updates, skip this method and follow along with my friend.

Method 2: (most effective)

This step may seem annoying to some, but it is proven. You will connect your PS4 to the internet wired by using an internet cable and connect it to the device. It is known that when the device, whether it is a PlayStation or a computer, is connected to a wired internet cable, the internet speed will double dramatically and applications and games will be downloaded insane and fast.

Do that and you will see the result, if it does not work for you, continue with the other methods.

Method 3: DNS & MTU settings

Sometimes, You Will get a lot of errors on the devices because of the DNS. DNS is set by the device automatically and without any manual intervention from you. Here’s what you need to do (Video) :

Method 3: Pause and Resume Download

The last and easiest way you can do to increase the download speed on the PlayStation 4. Pause the download for a few seconds and resume it. We also recommend that you do not download more than one file at the same time because the speed is distributed to both files and thus slow down the download speed.

So, Download each file separately.

How do I increase the download speed of my PS4?

Follow the Steps Above.

What is the fastest PS4 download speed?

3 Mbps.

Why are PS4 downloads so slow?

  • WiFi
  • DNS
  • MTU
  • APUSE 
Do PS4 games download faster in rest mode?

Yes, downloading in rest mode gives you the fastest PS4 downloads..

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