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Bully: Anniversary Edition APK is one of the best online games available for both Android and iPhone systems for free. It is the latest version of the game, which comes in a size of 2 GB, which was developed by Rockstar, which has gained tens of millions of downloads and users over the years to become one of the most famous The online games that were initially launched for the PlayStation devices and after the popularity they got they developed a version for smartphones which was developed by Mad Doc Software.

bully: anniversary edition apk download for android free

You can play the game Bully: Anniversary Edition from a third-person perspective where you control the game character as Jimmy, who is the elder of a naughty student, in an open world and you can walk on your feet or use a scooter, bike, pram or any other method or means of transportation to move as You can do a lot of other activities within the game, and the game now works on a lot of operating systems and gaming platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS, as well as PlayStation and Xbox. The game is available on official stores such as the Play Store and Chinese stores, but in the apknow store you will be able to download the game Play it on your smartphone for free and easily.

Bully: Anniversary Edition Game Story

The events of Bully game take place in the fictional city of Bullworth, located in the New England region of the United States, and the hero of the game is the troubled student James Hopkins, or as the 15-year-old “Jimmy” claims. Jimmy is a very naughty student and always causes a lot of problems in school, so he was expelled from 7 schools before so his mother decided to transfer him to a new boarding school known as Bullworth Academy for a year, at which time his mother goes with her new husband for their honeymoon while they leave Jimmy in the city.

Although the school is in the main area of ​​the game, in Bullworth there are 4 different main areas, such as Bullworth Town, which includes many shops and the Town Hall, Old Bullworth Vale, which consists of a suburb with many palaces, shops and beaches, and the New District Coventry, which consists of apartment buildings in which the poor live, and there is the Blue Skies Industrial Park, which consists mainly of factories and industrial buildings.

bully anniversary edition apk obb Money

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At the beginning of the game and during the first part, you will only be able to explore the academy or the school in which you play, but as you progress in the game, more other areas will become available in the game, and the general appearance of the city changes when you progress in the game as well, specifically in the third chapter where it is In winter the city becomes covered with snow.

In Jimmy’s new school, students start bullying him, and this causes him to harass, and therefore he decides to take revenge on them through the capabilities and weapons available to him, and this causes him to have big problems with students, teachers, and even the school principal who is angry with him, and your role in the game is to guide Jimmy and control him inside the school And defend it where the game is from the perspective of the third person and you can move around the school, climb the stairs, enter the classroom, the school lab, and more.

Bully: Anniversary Edition Apk/ios Parts

The game contains many parts, and the idea of ​​each part differs from the other, and therefore the method of the game and the tasks that you have to do in each part are different. Here is a quick definition of the 6 parts of the game:

Chapter 1: Jimmy comes to Bullworth School for the first time and has trouble with bullies so he needs to make friends in order to face his enemies.

Chap. 2: Rich Kid Blues In this chapter Jimmy is more famous and has many friends but he must deal with Preppies.
Chapter 3: Love Makes the World Go Around: In this chapter, winter begins and the city is covered in snow, and Jimmy begins to form strong friendships with well-known students.

Chapter 4: A Healthy Mind is a Healthy Body and Other Lies: In this chapter Jimmy decides to start off against the jocks but first needs to convince the nerds in order to help him.

Chapt. 5: The Fall and Rise of Jimmy Hopkins: Because of his many riots in the school, Jimmy is fired by the principal and has to clear himself in order to rejoin the school again.

Chap. Six: Endless Summer In this chapter, Jimmy is back in school again and he has to complete the tasks required of him such as completing races and finding collectibles.

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bully anniversary edition apk obb highly compressed
Game Name Bully: Anniversary Edition Android Free
Size 2 GB
Developed by Mad Doc Software
Version 1.0.9
Category Adventure Games
Last Modified 30-7-2022
Price FREE

bully anniversary edition apk obb download features

High-quality graphics

High-quality graphics have become one of the most important factors that players focus on, as most Android phones support medium and high graphics, so Bully game comes with very powerful graphics and optimized to work perfectly to work on any phone that comes with at least 4GB of RAM, as well as The game supports weak phones as well but with lower quality graphics.

Multiplayer mode

Bully APK Android 11 Bully APK OBB Bully Mod APK Bully: Anniversary Edition Bully: Anniversary Edition apk

completing single player tasks is very fun but for those who are familiar with online multiplayer games the single mode is boring for them, that’s why a multiplayer mode has been added in Bully so that you can compete with your friends online in a role-playing manner and every player plays in The role is assigned to him, but when you download Bully you have to remember that the main gameplay of the game is the single mode and the multiplayer mode is an additional mode in order to enhance the game only.

Cloud Saving Progress

In Bully you never have to worry about losing your game progress which means you can load the game on any other device and register to start from the same place, as Rockstar provides cloud storage for all of its games.

Console Support

Bully game is primarily aimed at PlayStation and PC so controlling it on touch screens like smartphones can be somewhat difficult.that’s why the game has support for controllers, you can connect any third party console to a phone and start playing You will find that the gameplay is very smooth and you will not experience any issues or jitters while playing.

Bully: Anniversary Edition

This Game is played from a third person perspective where you control the game character Jimmy, a naughty student, in an open world and you can walk on your feet or use the scooter, bike or pram to move around and you can do a lot of other in-game activities.

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How to Install and Download Bully: Anniversary Edition

  1. Firstly, download the file below.
  2. install APK file as always.
  3. If the installation does not work, allow the installation of unknown sources.↓
  4. (Navigate to Setting > Security. Check the option “Unknown sources“. Tap OK on the prompt message. Select “Trust“.)
  5. The game will be installed automatically.
  6. Now you can play and enjoy the game.

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