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About Us

The “APKNew” website was launched in the middle of 2022, as it is a completely accurate source for transmitting and covering everything related to technical news in the world, an attempt from us to cover all global news and keep pace with the modern world in various fields of technology, in addition, we hope to have an independent vision in publishing Technological news in order to benefit all followers on the World Wide Web and recently developed networks in the world, in addition to publishing all old and new games, applications and programs directly and immediately to all users and completely free of charge.

The site has been highly appreciated by visitors, as they always contribute to the development of the site permanently since the first launch, and we aim to be a reliable source that visitors may refer to in order to provide the largest collection of the technical field of explanations and contemporary technical news of the latest local and international technology .

Our goal

Our goal is to provide all games, applications and programs with effective and direct links to all users of our site, in addition to solving all problems and errors that you encounter with your smartphone. We have a group of skilled editors to provide all visitors’ requests such as applications, explanations, problems, solutions and various games.